# UNRacialize

The #UNRacialize Movement is an independent relationship initiative.

It is the like-minded ministry partnership of change-makers whose work takes shape across audio, experiential and social channels. We pursue the extinction of cultural bias through intentional positive interactions, honest and smart dialogue, an honorable moral code and courage.  We seek freedom from generational strongholds of fear, separation, guilt, unworthiness and anger; restoring a healthy spiritual life balance and life together. 

Our focus extends beyond personal opinion, politics and news. Using video, audio, print and live events, we "unlearn" bias and learn positive life affirming behaviors.

The #UNRacialize movement in its totality consists of; emBrace Diversity Smart Groups & Conferences, The Checkpoint Podcast, UNRacialize Digital; short video and various print and social media, which together create a tender, unrestrained global movement.