About Us

The UNRacialize Project is a group of like-minded people of all ages, genders, social and economic backgrounds who believe that God has given us the right to live, love and make our own choices. We are advocates of growth. We are change makers whose work embodies the spirit of unity, taking shape across technology, media and legislation.


We’re not about guilting anyone into love, shaming anyone into forgiveness or blaming anyone for past or present injustice. We’re about bringing people together, healing human brokenness past and making our future better with laws that protect, guide and care for its citizens…no matter the color of their skin.


The UNRacialize Project has a primary goal to improve the quality of life for black men and their families by closing the racial divide and “unracialize” our systems of government, finance and commerce, education and opportunity.

Founder- Strategy & Projects
Leslie Haskin
Leslie Haskin is a New York Times best-selling author, an executive consultant for companies like Dun and Bradstreet, Save the Children and Morgan Stanley, and a respected thought leader on topics related to PTSD, racial healing and recovery. She has worked with ex-felons in communities across the country, sat at the table with United States congressman and served meals to thousands in homeless communities.
Co-Founder - Legislation
Pastor Ron Smith
Ron Smith is an ex-gang leader and convicted felon. After serving almost half of his life in prison, Ron lost his son to the streets and made a decision to make a difference in the lives of other black “sons” across the United States. Today, he is a Hollywood influencer, a producer for several successful reality shows and the visionary behind the media campaigns and the concept of UNRacialize. Ron is active on Skid Row.
Co-Founder Education
Dr. Adrienne Lemke
Professor Adrienne Lemke has been an educator for more than twenty years. With a Masters in Education (M.S.Ed.), a NYS Certificate in Socials Studies and an Masters in Psychological Counseling, she is committed to student success inside of the classroom and in life. Adrienne’s commitment to serve in lower income communities has molded her strong beliefs in equity, celebrating diversity and developing lasting partnerships. She firmly believes that success in education is about building relationships.
Co-Founder Health & Wellness
Dr. Sherri Prentiss
Dr. Sheri (pronounced Sher-Ree) served for many years as the national spokewoman for Susan Komen for the cure. She is a proven visionary, best-selling author and highly sought after physician leader. She is a board certified occupational & environmental medicine physician, public health expert, professional speaker—CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™), and a breast cancer survivor.

What We Do

The UNRacialize project translates its priorities, which are dictated by the communities we serve, into federal policy through the legislative process.


Our Priorities include:

  • Promote and Protect the civil rights of black and brown people through legislative change,

  • Secure a fair and equal criminal justice system for black and brown people,

  • Ensure quality education and support for black and brown children

  • Ensure safe quality healthcare for black and brown people



In it's totality, The UNRacialize Project consists of:


  • UNR Small Groups and Conferences

  • UNR Community & Police Forums

  • The Checkpoint Podcast

  • UNR Technology 

  • UNRacialize Legislative Reform

  • UNR Miseducation Reform


These together create an unrestrained global movement.



Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with UNRacialize Project means that you agree with our position that race or culture should not be a determining factor in matters of law, wellness and overall right to life.


Partnering on the side of right is good for business and essential to creating a society that is safe and healthy for all people. When you become part of the UNRacialize family of partners, you’ll be joining some of America’s most recognized brands making a positive impact.


There are several ways you can join the motion.

Become a Corporate Partner * Become an Individual Member * Host an Event or Fundraiser * Open a Chapter in your State *  Join us on Social Media * Share your Network of Influence to Help Grow our Partnerships * Send us Your Video Recorded Thoughts on Race