The Inaugural Gathering

As converging political and social crises loom, a new community is emerging to shift the dominant cultural narrative and change the way we live together.

The UNRacialize Gathering is our direct response to aspects of society that breed fear and separation. Like-minded ordinary citizens are coming together to foster multicultural connection, healing, collaboration, trust and celebration!

The inaugural UNRacialize Gathering unites us in Lake Placid, New York in April of 2020. 


Come for the friendships.

It is believed that the mechanisms in the brain that allow adversity to get under the skin are the same mechanisms that enable awakening.

This is your weekend to get "woke."   You'll learn new ideas, meet interesting people, and socialize with like-minded individuals who share your desire to close the racial divide … all in a judgement free and "ordinary" people friendly environment.

Come for the excitement.

Say goodbye to the old fashioned Powerpoint presentations and lecture after lecture. Our interactive, immersive model, engages your brain, your body and even your taste buds as you are immersed in the dance, food and history of diverse cultures.

Laughing and even a bit of silliness are nice additions to the weekend.


Come be inspired.

Relatable speakers will draw you in …sharing personal experience and stimulating thoughtful, provocative feedback, response and growth.

Breakouts will take up civil dialog and spiritual formation … making way for some of the most important exchanges and future ripple effects of change and acceptance between kindred strangers and new friends.
Life Changing

James Baldwin wrote: "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

These two goals unite us over one spectacular weekend.  Collectively and courageously we face our fears, our bias and our desire to move forward in honest unhindered relationships that cross the racial divide.  As one, we make every effort to promote greater understanding of our differences while celebrating our commonalities.

The UNRacialize Gathering makes the ideal and noble notion of loving our fellow man a tangible possibility, rather than a nebulous philosophical concept. And so perhaps our weekend of living together, learning together and growing together can become a paragon of understanding and the models by which our fractured society aspires to live.

Save The Dates

July 2019: Music & Fireworks Family Picnic in the Park

September 2019: Free Concert and Meet & Greet

April 2020: The Mirror Lake Resort in Lake Placid, NY

August 2020 - Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena Illinois