Disruption Is The New Normal - Innovation Is The Answer‎

Technology innovation—it's how we tip disruption in our favor.

Technology that Saves Lives


Social norms don’t always allow us to simply walk away from conflict—especially when the conflict involves black men.  Because of that, we need ways to navigate conflicts gracefully.

Today's modern society communicates worldwide via email and all kinds of smart devices. We shop online, manage our finances, pay our bills online and keep in touch with family friends online, entirely enabled by technology. Technology keeps us connected no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

The UNRacialize Project is taking advantage of this extreme connectedness to create innovative new ways to save lives by identifying potentially fatal police encounters and de-escalating them before they reach a point of no return. To paraphrase Microsoft founder Bill Gates, our best and most inventive years are just ahead of us, and technology innovation is essential to this fruitful future.

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