emBrace Conferences & Small Groups

Going Deeper.

embrace Conferences

Experience has taught us that much of the real learning at conferences happens through organic interaction "after" the presentations have ended.

The embrace conferences are intentionally interactive. It's framework is built around participant needs and learning "how" to navigate through the current racial climate on a personal level as the country is evolving through an organic process. Creating a safe place to explore hidden and unhidden bias that keep us from real relationship with one another,  and he we heal those feelings

Honest. Safe. Transformative.

Workshops employ of series of race based sensitive topics and biases. With gentle words and humbled listening, we broach the tough subjects and answer those tough racial questions and settle the unresolved fears to create new experiences across the racial divide.

Workshops are real time explorative road trips and trust building exercises that challenge participants out of their comfort zone and into unracialized living.
Trust through experiential learning

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to build trust and empathy is to involve people in a series of experiential-based group activities. Our facilitators have mastered this art.

We've customized activities with elements of challenge, risk and adventure (ie unexpected outcomes) to address real-life scenarios; enabling participants to address their own personal struggles; intentionally strengthening self first.

Each conference activity is unique to its participants. No embrace conference is ever the same.

Breakthrough Breakouts
Breakouts happen at various "stations" throughout the lobby where participants chose the conversation they most want to explore. The road to healing is a personal journey.

As the breakouts engage in civil conversations, spiritual awakenings happen and strongholds are broken; creating some of the most impactful experiences and producing some of the most significant  ripple effects around the edges, between kindred strangers and new friends.

Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.
Come dance with us!


embrace Smart Groups
Best described as " Cursillo meets Celebrate Recovery," our smart groups are weekly meetings that approach racial reconciliation as a journey, not an exercise in niceness. Using honest gentle dialog, intentional listening and humility, our strategy creates a safe judgment free zone to  uncover racial bias and replace them with truth.

We pull down relationship barriers from all communities, and without pointing fingers or victimizing one group or another, participants share experiences, unlearn old habits, embrace forgiveness and take intentional steps toward planting seeds of healthy, unracialized lives, homes, communities and churches.

Creating new relationships experiential learning

Intentionally small and diverse, our small groups philosophy to delivering behavioural change through real life scenarios.

All our groups adopt this approach. The “I do I understand” principle is the one we follow. By doing real tasks in a real world environments, participants not only understand but retain that learning. Participants are willing to take on new challenges without the the normal threat of failure or rejection.

This experiential learning underpins our approach.

Speaking together differently in order to live together differently.