Small Groups

Going Deeper.

Smart (Small) Groups

What we practice, we become.

Best described as " Cursillo meets Celebrate Recovery," our small groups are biweekly meetings that approach racial reconciliation as a journey, not an exercise in niceness. Using honest gentle dialog, intentional listening and humility, our strategy creates a safe judgment free zone to  uncover racial bias, forgive them and then replace them with truth.

We believe that change must be relationship-centered. We don’t create change purely on the basis of the content of policy or winning an argument. Change has something to do with who we’re going to choose to be, together, as the human family.

Without pointing fingers or victimizing one group or another, participants share experiences, unlearn old habits, embrace forgiveness and take intentional steps toward planting seeds of healthy, unracialized lives, homes, communities and churches.  All are welcomed!

Creating new relationships through experiential learning

Intentionally small and diverse, our philosophy is delivering behavioural change through real life scenarios.

All our groups adopt this approach. The “I do I understand” principle is the one we follow. By doing real tasks in a real world environments, participants not only understand but retain that learning. Participants are willing to take on new challenges without the the normal threat of failure or rejection.

This experiential learning underpins our approach.
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