"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom.”  James 3:13
Small Groups
Removing the "Race" Barrier
UNRacialize Small Groups, UNRacialize Community and The Gathering Conference are faith-based meetings that encourage participants to see the world outside of themselves. Our objective is not to lay blame, dwell in pain or repeat rhetoric.

We facilitate open and honest conversation, share curriculum and trust pilots to "UN-learn old habits, gain insight from other perspectives, experience healing, forgiveness and a way forward. Complete acceptance and kindness for kindness sake is the goal of these programs
Engage Small Groups

Intentionally small and diverse, our philosophy is delivering behavioral change through real life scenarios.

Participants meet in a safe, noncombative, judgment free zone to share their experiences, identify bias and unlearn old habits, embrace forgiveness and take intentional steps toward planting seeds of healthy, unracialized lives, homes, communities and churches.  Ask us about starting a group in your area!
Engage Community

Our approach to change is relationship-centered.

We believe that closing the racial divide is a lot more than just talk. That’s why we go out into the surrounding communities, show genuine interest and build real relationships with our neighbors. From sidewalk church services to block parties, barbecues and cultural celebrations, we get up close and personal.  We share our stories and build trust. We exchange ideas and make memories. We worship together and we make friends. We engage.

Smart. Honest. Transformative.

Going Deeper.


Come for the Excitement

Say goodbye to the old fashioned powerpoint presentations and lecture after lecture. Our interactive, immersive model, engages your brain, your body and even your taste buds as you are immersed in the dance, food and history of diverse cultures.

Laughing and even a bit of silliness are nice additions to the weekend.

Come for the Friendships

This all inclusive weekend is filled with great food, sensitivity training from both sides of the aisle and a lot of fun. You'll learn new ideas, meet interesting people, and socialize with like-minded individuals who share your desire to close the racial divide and inspire more positive systemic changes… all in a judgement free and "ordinary" people friendly environment.

Come be Inspired

Relatable speakers will draw you in …sharing personal experience and stimulating thoughtful, provocative feedback, response and growth.  Breakouts will take up civil dialog and spiritual formation … making way for some of the most important exchanges and future ripple effects of change and acceptance between kindred strangers and new friends

Come be Renewed

Joined by people from all over the country, The Gathering Weekends are all about building relationships and opening ourselves up to new ideas, new experiences and new cultures. We spend the weekend getting to know one another, sharing music, food stories and fears, unlearning old habits and being willing to embrace the possibility of an new and UNRacialized society.