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Our Brand Ambassadors

Young voters account for half of the voting population, making them a powerful political force and a strong voice. Spreading the word about our work is key. Reaching an audience of new voters who are passionate about changng the word is critical. Meet the future. Our social media brand ambassadors are using their voices and their influence to create the world they want to live in.

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NATE - Global Ambassador

Standing at 6'4, this college junior has noticeable presence and he's passionate about telling others exactly what that means. " I'm not one for marching and protesting, but I do want to see real change. I want to see things get better, so if sharing my experiences will get us there, I'm all in.  Nate says that the combination of my height and his skin color makes some people immediately intimidated. I don't understand it myself sometimes, but I've learned to navigate situations, elven though I shouldn't have to. I want people to understand what life is like for young black men who look like me.
"DONI" - Global Ambassador

The official spokeswoman for our Brand Ambassadors, Doni has been passionate about social justice as long as she can remember. In high school she started and Diversity and Inclusion group that was solace for students and teachers alike. She was featured in several news paper articles and has met with community representatives to discuss real change. Doni says, I like what is happening today, but we have to do a lot more than march and hold up signs. It's okay to ask for justice, but what we have to define what justice looks like for us." 

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Brand Ambassadors
ERIC - Twitter Ambassador

America has shied away from its history of political violence and oppression for far too long. In order to move forward, we must address these issues in order to dismantle these systems of oppression and inequity that have been built into our society. This must be done through thoughtful education, conversation and action, and I’m looking forward to doing great things with this group.”
ALEXA - Twitter Ambassador

I am working with this organization because there is nothing that’s more important to me than equity for all. I have ambition, and big dreams, and I want to create a world where any one can succeed and find their own happiness regardless of their skin color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender. Hopefully together we can make an impact in our local community that builds the foundation of a nationwide movement.
KYRA - Facebook Ambassador

“I believe it’s so important to use your voice for something you really believe in. . Equality is something we as a society are still very much striving for and working towards. I believe through organizations like this, with such hardworking dedicated people, we can make steps toward it. We can raise awareness and we can actually make a difference.”
SOPHIE - Instagram Ambassador

Growing up as a woman of color, what I would later be told was activism always seemed like an act of survival for me. Fighting for my own right to exist as a person in my entirety has always been second nature to me. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that activism is a lot more than ones own relationship with oppression it is also about one’s relationship with privilege.
GRIFFEN - Tik Tok Ambassador

My name is Griffin, I am a 17 year old from New York attending Pace University in the fall. During my years in High School I was one of the peer leaders of the equity committee. I made many strides to make my high school an equitable place. My goal is to use my privilege and platform to help elevate the voices of those that are oppressed.”
MADDIE - Instagram Ambassador

“I am looking forward to being a part of unracialize because I am passionate about creating an equitable world and community where everyone is treated with respect no matter their race, religion, sexuality or gender identity. I want to live in a place where we understand and believe in others instead of ignore them, and we can not do that until everyone is protected equally.”
Jake - Dir. Social Media & Member engagement